Every year since the beginning of college my twin Shelby(sorority twin) and I have done something special for our birthdays since they are just four days apart. From going to a tea house one year, then going to Vegas for our 21st last year, we love celebrating together. This year we chose to go to dinner with some of our closest friends in college and celebrating with her is something that I will truly cherish and hope to keep alive for years to come.

To one of the most loyal, trustworthy, and caring people I know….

Words can’t describe the joy you bring to my life. We are twins by fate and sisters by choice. Joining ZTA brought me you and that’s the best gift it could ever have given me.
Happy 22nd Birthday Shelby Lynn!

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  1. Shelby says:

    omg i love you, this is perfect just like you! the best day of my life was finding out we are twins lol thank you so much hayley! here’s to being 22 and making this our best year!

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